Movie Real Estate: Pippi Longstockings

Another of my childhood favorites: Pippi Longstocking’s House


This house was used in the 1988 children’s movie The Adventures of Pippi Longstockings. This house is located in the “Old Town” area of Fernandina Beach, Florida. I have to say, it’s very “Disney” – by which I mean Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, Tom Sawyer or Pollyanna could have been filmed here. It’s rather a generic house, and very much like the homes in other Disney films of the day.

Old Town was originally settled by Timucuan Indians, who probably chose it because of its high and dry location along the Amelia River and its fertile soil. Later, the Spanish recognized these attributes as well as its defensible position in the western Atlantic, and because it was close to the gold route from South America to Spain. Old Town was platted by the Spanish in 1811 – the last town platted to the ‘Laws of the Indies’ in the Western hemisphere. Four other US cities were platted to the Laws of the Indies; they are (in alphabetical order) Albuquerque NM, Laredo TX, Santa Fe NM, and Tucson AZ *. The original grid – encompassing some 26 blocks – remains to this day, although some has been lost to erosion by the river and other by the routing of the ‘14th Street extension’ through it. Included in the original plat was the Plaza de la Constitution (Plaza San Carlos) which occupies a full block of green space overlooking the Amelia River and is now administered by nearby Fort Clinch State Park; two blocks are included in the historic Bosque Bello Cemetery. Old Town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Her actual residence in Stockholm, Sweden is much more impressive–and I have to say, this house is the only house Pippi could have lived in. It’s very her: unique, off beat, and the very place that would capture a child’s imagination. I love the color choices, the architectural details and the horse on the front porch – only Pippi!

Villa Villekulla

Pippi lives in a small Swedish village, sharing the house she styles “Villa Villekulla” with her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and her horse, Little Old Man, but no adults or relatives. She befriends the two children living next-door: Tommy and Annika Settergren. The three have many adventures. Mr. Settergren often disapproves of Pippi’s sometimes coarse manners and lack of education, but Mrs. Settergren feels that Pippi would never put Tommy and Annika in harm’s way, and that Pippi values her friendship with the pair above almost anything in her life. Pippi’s two main possessions are a suitcase full of gold coins (which she used to buy her horse) and a large chest of drawers containing various small treasures.

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  1. i just love pipilongstocking its the best.

  2. City News Local…

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  3. I just squealed! Totally taking a staycation to Amelia Island and Fernandia Beach! This made my day!

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