Movie Real Estate: Where In Real Life…is this?

So…yet another film where I completely by passed the leading man (whom if he became available I would drop everything) and fell in love (again) with a house in Rhode Island. It was a green, three story home, all wood interior, lots of book cases, in/outdoor shower (for those long days playing touch football outside), and have a very warm, lived in living room and kitchen.

The house is available for rent here for a *gulp* fee of $6k per week.

Some photos:

Spare Bedroom

Spare Bedroom

Love the light in these rooms. They beg for an afternoon nap after an early morning swim. Bed clothese likely from solid New England companies: LL Bean being a favorite of these rental homes.

Living Room (note Stone Fireplace)

Living Room (note Stone Fireplace)

Love the living room here. The hearth is warm an inviting, the wicker chairs a classic “been here forever” look. I’m marveling at the space here, you can practically throw a square dance – or at least a healthy game of Twister.

Stairway, warm wood interior

Stairway, warm wood interior

Love the staircase here. Perfect for little ones pearing through and spying on the long, drawn out conversations of the adults catching up after a long year.

And...another view of those stairs

And...another view of those stairs

The warm wood in this home is really appealing. I like the look of exposed, aged beams.

Claw foot tub

Claw foot tub

I mean really, there is no woman out there who doesn’t appreciate a claw foot tub. One of my friends said to me once, “I would be in the bathtub all the time, if my legs would fit in it.” I realize we are all in a conservative phase right now in terms of consuming resources, however, a deep bathtub should really be a minimum luxury everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy. Work is hard enough for crying out loud!

It was filmed in Rhode Island in the cities of Newport, East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Jamestown, Westerly, and Providence in November and December 2006. The opening scene was filmed at Seven Stars Bakery in Providence. However, the facade of the building and the interior are altered. When Dan is pulled over by the Newport Police, he is on Ocean Ave. in Newport. In scenes filmed in Jamestown, two bridges are clearly visible: the Jamestown Bridge and its replacement, the Jamestown-Verrazzano Bridge. Demolition of the Jamestown Bridge was initiated on April 18, 2006.

In researching Dan In Real Life, I happened upon an interesting trend: tours related to the experiences of the movie. I had seen this phenom with Sex In The City where bus tours of over make up’d, 4+-inch heel-wearing women are shuttled from one vapid cocktail destination to another – the  offering seems rather cultish to me.

However, this offering seems a little more down to earth and within reach – if you are looking to emulate a sort of life style that seems unapproachable for most. Namely getting along with your family for more than 4 straight days, in a beautiful home where people gracefully rotate to cook the meals, and get up early to work out together – um, this isn’t my family per say…but I can see the romance in the idea. I think if Liz could guarantee that I would  somehow, bump into (through some sort of “pre-arranged happenstance”) the perfect guy at that bookshop AND he be THE ONE, I might be up for the idea of doing one of these tour-things. As it is, I’ll stick with real life.

Dan In Real Life

Dan In Real Life

One of the residual perks of all the moviemaking going on in Rhode Island these days is that even after the filmmakers decamp for Hollywood, you can have a hands-on experience with the places you’ve seen on screen.

So now you can bowl at the very place Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche bowled in Dan in Real Life.

You can visit the site of the bookstore where Dan and Marie, the characters they play, first met.

You can hang out at the bakery where Dan pulled his daughter away from her new boyfriend at the start of the film.

You can even stay in the secluded Jamestown house where the whole Burns clan gathered in the movie.

The eight-bedroom house, called Riven Rock, is available for rent from June through September, according to Liz Brazil, the Realtor who showed the house to the moviemakers more than once, helped make the deal with Disney and now is the exclusive agent for it.

She wouldn’t quote prices, nor even say exactly where the house, built in 1911, is located, except that it is on a secluded road and looks out over the West Passage of Narragansett Bay. One of the reasons the filmmakers liked the house, besides its rustic lived-in look, is that it was off the beaten path, away from the prying eyes of folks who might want to catch a glimpse of moviemaking in action. The filmmakers also looked at other houses — from Misquamicut to Little Compton — “but finally the mood of the house won over the director.” Complete Article

Saving a seat for you,



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