Movie Real Estate: House & Garden, The Movie part II

I know I’ve written about this in a prior post, but the topic of Nancy Meyers films just never gets old for me.

I STILL haven’t seen this movie, have you? There’s been so much dishing of the movie already I know I’m already behind in adding my humble thoughts so I thought I’d share some links to various excellent posts and articles around the web.
Over at The Remodelista (a new favorite hangout of mine), they have a couple of excellent “Steal this look” posts. On the kitchen and the garden (both below).

Jane's Living Room

Jane’s Living Room:

The french-inspired kitchen, very much like the one in the Julia-Julia movie.

Meyers movies are like traveling to Europe (on a $10 budget). You always get the consistency of the First World experience, a color pallette that is unique to that area of the world, specically France in the summer, and leave wanting to bring home a vase you don’t need. Someone, tell me I’m wrong.

Now a staple of Meyer's films, the french sink.

These sinks are doing me in. Every time I see one, I want one – in my stocking.

A perfectly equipped kitchen, for the pastry hobbiest.

I mean, Martha has one…why shouldn’t Jane?

The Norman Rockwell feeling made current.

There are many things in this set that one can get, dare I say…at Ikea. I don’t think that it has to be local pottery on the table and quite frankly, those hanging pots in the back could stand some blackness to them. While the sets are “aspirational” they shouldn’t be so posed. If Jane is supposed to be able to cook, than those pots should be seasoned…dammit. I paid $10 for this escape from my life! But if you must stretch my ability to disbelieve…

Jane’s Dining Room & Kitchen:

As Martha Stewart, one of the first Queens of Aspiration, would have left it.

The still life of the Average American Housewife, with a BIG divorce settlement.

I can see the want ad now...single, divorced woman of ...49, seeks able-bodied male to stack wood (in California).

Now THIS photo made me laugh, truly. The wood pile, stacked so neatly-I can totally see Jane…place an order for that.

Maybe Jane's people know Martha's people.

Saving a seat for you,



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    • Christine Haskell Says:

      Hi there,
      I’m not sure bc I don’t know how it shows up on your computer…however, there should be an “RSS” button at the top of the IE toolbar. If you look to the tab area, you’ll see a “house” a “hand” and an “orange square with a signal” –> this is the RSS button. If you click it, you should be prompted on how to subscribe.

      Hope this helps & thanks for checking out my site!

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