Floor plans for Gull Cottage

So folks have had a LONG conversation over the years about the details of Gull Cottage. The last submission came from Mary Casey of Colorado. John D’Angelo was kind enough to supply the floor plans of the house so folks could build models.

Here is his note sharing how it all came about:

I think it all started when we were discussing the Ghost & Mrs. Muir movie. We also discussed the 1947 version of Gull Cottage and folks making a doll house model of it. I decided to try and make a simple floor plan with measurements so that folks could create a model. The two jpg files are copies of the floor plans.

In addition, I wrote an article “The Search for Gull Cottage” that discusses the book version, movie versions, and a possible original concept for Gull Cottage.  I have attached a PDF copy of that article for you to enjoy. The article was published on Lulu.com years ago, and was free to the public.

I happen to love Gull Cottage and the 1947 movie, there is a certain eternal quality about it.

If the system “chokes” our to the size of the article, I am going to  resend just the jpg files without the PDF file as a backup.

Best wishes,

I think that’s pretty cool.

There’s also a paper where John has done a lot of research on the various shooting locations. Take a peek! & thanks John! Enjoy!

Saving a seat for you,



5 Responses to “Floor plans for Gull Cottage”

  1. John D'Angelo Says:

    Hi Christine!

    Thanks for dong such a great job publishing the floor plans and my article! I hope he folks enjoy them.

  2. Carl Benedict Says:

    Thank you so much for doing the floor plans . We hope to one day build a full size house. Only GOD know if we will get it done. If we do we will send pictures.

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