You Asked, I Listened…The Ghost & Mrs. Muir Cottage Floor Plan

It amazes me how interested people are in this movie, the memorabilia of this movie and the infamous house.

Mary Casey of Colorado sent this in…the floor plan from the house from in the pilot of the TV show. The house is located in Montecito, CA. They added the Widow’s Walk, the stone lions, and the ship’s wheel on the balcony outside the master cabin.

She went on to tell me “If you are a fan of the show, the differences are easy to spot – the biggest being the real house in CA has 8 steps that lead up to the front porch, where the TV house had two steps and a wide porch that goes around the whole outside of  the house.”

60 Olive Mill Road, Montecito, CA
Here is the youtube link when the house went up for sale.
May confessed:
I think I first saw this film when I was about… maybe 12 or 13.   I saw the TV show first, loved it, especially the ghost, and my mother told me the show was based on the movie, that was based on the book. Of course back then (1970!) there were no VCRs or DVD’s, but I happened to look in the TV Guide and found out that it was running on some afternoon movie channel during the week.

I cannot tell a lie – at that point in my life, my mother was divorced and raising four of us, and sometimes we had babysitters, and sometimes not.  I actually faked sick to stay home and see the movie!   Loved it, in a whole different way than the TV show, but did think it was rather sad that he left her, and didn’t come back until she died.  Then I found the book, in paperback (now a collector’s item!) and read that, and was relieved to know that in the book he left, but came back years before she died.

Tell us when you first saw The Ghost and Mrs. Muir…

Saving A Seat For You,


41 Responses to “You Asked, I Listened…The Ghost & Mrs. Muir Cottage Floor Plan”

  1. I do want to point out that the house here on this blog, used in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir television series, is not the same house that was used in the film version. I recently watched the film on Netflix streaming, and their Gull Cottage exterior is different, as are the interior sets. Having said that, I much prefer the real house. If I ever win the lotto, 60 Olive Mill Road is mine next time it’s for sale!

  2. @BMW – sorry, but those of us in the GammLoop on Yahoo (see Mary Casey if you want to join) already plan to win the lottery and redecorate with the Captain’s antiques! After WE win the lottery!

  3. I didn’t care much for the tv series, but I can watch the movie and listen to the haunting soundtrack over and over again.

    I moved to CA in 1979 and was shocked to find out a part of the movie was filmed not too far away from me, in Palos Verdes. Oh I would have loved to see the original house.

    This movie says much that most movies nowadays can’t even come close to. I’ll always love it.

  4. Thanks for this, Bud.
    I’d really like the floor plan for Gull Cottage in the movie. I suppose any first-year architecture student could determine the rooms inside, but maybe there exists the blue print for the house. Even the production team would’ve needed to know where the rooms were, for the sake of the actors and equipment.
    A great site, regardless; thanks for your time and effort.
    Fleharty in Portland, Oregon

  5. I’m a born romantic, and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir has been, and still is, a favorite movie of mine. I have the DVD of the original movie and the book. I always wanted to see the original floor plans of the movie cottage, but I don’t think any exist. The TV series cottage so beautifully shown here in your links is a great looking home, but do you know if it is on the water? The video didn’t show any coastline.

    My wife and I live in a medium sized 3 bedroom single level home on an acre of land one mile from the water, and I’m afraid that’s as close as we’ll ever get, but we DO get gulls flying over or stealing bread from our back yard! When you finish your model of the cottage, please post the pictures for us!

    Thanks loads for this blog, it’s good to know there are other folks who feel the same as I do.

    • John — the house they used in the pilot of the TV series was nowhere near the water, sad to say… clever editing and a good backdrop made it look like it was, to the layman, anyway.

      I thought I read in one of my GAMM movie writeups that the house used for the movie was all sets… and it cost as much to build.. more… than a real house at that time. somewhere on the net there is a person that did actually build scale models of the GAMM rooms used in the movie, but I don’t think it’s “furnished.”

      I also have a friend who spent several years building and furnishing a dollhouse of Gull Cottage. It’s really cool!

      • Hi Mary,

        I was actually thinking exactly that, building a doll house in 1″ to 1 foot scale of the movie cottage! I think that could be a great project. I did find online that model of the bedroom and the detail was beautifully done. If your friend has any pictures of his creation, I sure would like to see them. I have installed a drafting program and hopefully over this winter I’ll be able to generate a floor plan of the movie cottage. Thanks for your note!

      • Christine Haskell Says:

        Oh goodness! if you do this project please do send me the photos so I can feature it!!!

      • John, I could send you the picture I have of Susan’s Gull Cottage — It took her about three years to build and furnish, i think. I remember her telling me that she tried like mad to build it as much according to the sets of the TV show as she could — The Captain’s cabin. the balcony, where the children’s and guest room were, where Martha’s would have been — not to mention the kitchen, but I think a few things fell by the wayside. All I have is one shot of Susan, and a picture of the outside of the dollhouse.

        I need an e mail address though…

      • Here’s my email address:, I’d really enjoy seeing those pictures of the dollhouse she built. I made a mistake before by thinking your friend was a man, sorry bout that! I also was able to pick up the soundtrack album, with the Bernard Hermann score. Great to listen to. I have been very busy lately, but thei winter I really hope I can work on the project. First the floor plan, then the model.

      • Christine Haskell Says:

        If you have any photos of this dollhouse I’d love to see it!!!

    • Christine Haskell Says:

      Mary provided an article here that I was unable to find more information on. Thanks Mary!!!

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  8. Thanks Mary and Christine for that article on the dollhouse! She did a beautiful job. Following the holidays I plan on creating the floor plan for the 1947 movie version of the cottage. I’ll be sure to send them to you when I get them done.

  9. I haven’t forgotten about the floor plan of the movie home, I’m still trying to get the dimensions as correct as possible. There are some discrepancies between the building set on the hill versus the sound stage sets, primarily the placement of the fireplaces. What the heck, the winter is long and I’m having fun with the project! Merry Christmas to you all!

    • Carolyn O'Hara Says:

      John- I’ve been trying to come up with a plan for a dollhouse based on the movie and am also having a problem with the same discrepancies, the placement of the fireplaces and the front alignment of the windows being the most frustrating. I would love to see how you have addressed this. I’m guessing I’ll have to let go of my OCD tendencies and come up with some kind of compromise.

      • Christine Haskell Says:

        Have both of you seen the article of the dollhouse located here: I wonder if the blueprint post ( and that photo could assist? Though, you both are likely talking about specific measurements for wood cuts at this point. Do the blueprint measurements not get exact enough?

      • Hi Carolyn and Christine,

        After reading the book (again) and watching the DVD and looking at all the available information, I feel that the 1947 cottage clearly does have differences between the hillside mockup and the sound stage sets. The house, when seen in a wide shot, is a Georgian style stone cottage in classic layout with the chimneys on opposite sides of the home. I worked out a rough floor plan based on the Georgian home and used as much layout as possible from the sound stage sets. I have had some health issues this winter, so I need to get back to the floor plan and lock it in better. Once the floor plan is finished you then have to decide how would you “break open” the model. Just have the front rooms and hall with the side staircase? Add in the kitchen? Perhaps a doll house on hinges that could swing open to reveal the interior. There are Lots of possibilities.

      • Christine Haskell Says:

        Also, I tried to search in the Melville Advance paper for Susan Griffith (the owner of the dollhouse), but couldn’t find anything.

    • John – did you ever manage to recreate the floor plan from the movie?

      • I now have a new titanium left knee and am getting around again. I didn’t get any further on a floor plan unfortunately. I did rough in some dimensions, but that was about as far as I got. The drawings I did are on my PC which is not active because I moved to an iMac, but I can hook it up and try to find what I did, then port the stuff to the iMac. That’s where I am at now.

      • You guys are amazing. When I get finished with this dissertation, I will do some research on this movie and give you guys some factoid treats!

        🙂 Feel better soon!

      • Hi again,

        I searched all over for the original drawing on computer, disk,zip drive, or print and was unable to find it. DANG! I just purchased a new program for the MAC and am starting to learn the way to make a drawing. It will take a bit of time.

      • Cat Roccaforte Says:

        John, Can’t wait to see your finished floor plan of Gull Cottage from the 1947 movie!!! Please keep us updated!

      • John D'Angelo Says:

        Hi Cat,

        I am very sorry, but I was sidelined for awhile due to illness. I did have a simple floor plan started which was in a drawing file, but I have been unable to find the darn thing! I will keep searching my files, but so far I have dug through my iMac and three USB backup files and was unsuccessful, but I will keep searching.

        I did publish a short article on entitled “The Search for Gull Cottage” It discusses the movie versions and a possible original cottage that may have been the inspiration for the author. It is still at and is a free download. I have my own copy which is 5.3 MB in size and I could attach it to an email.

        If you would like me to email it to you, Christine has my permission to give you my email address, if that is possible. In the meantime I will continue the search for the drawing file.



  10. Carolyn O'Hara Says:

    Christine- I have seen both of those articles but I’m really looking for the house that was in the 1947 movie not the one from the TV show. Measurements are not so much the problem for me but more how to lay it out so the interior can match up with the outside without it looking like a completely different place. Inside I’d like the bedroom, living room, hall and kitchen to be as close to the movie stills as possible.

    • Carolyn — the movie house was a set — with cut away walls, etc, and according to the publicity handout I bought on ebay, the set cost more than real houses did at that time! I fear the only place you will find the plans for the movie house is tucked away somewhere deep in the vaults of the movie studio that made the movie — if they exist at all.

      I might be able to dig out my movie publicity package handout if anyone is interested.

  11. Please let me know if you’re looking for a writer for your blog. You have some really great articles and I think I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d love to write some material for your blog in exchange for a
    link back to mine. Please blast me an e-mail if interested.
    Thank you!

  12. John D'Angelo Says:

    Looking over my past writings, it looks as though the original drawing file was on my PC and that machine has been wiped clean. I can’t understand why a backup file doesn’t exist somewhere! Still looking.

  13. John D'Angelo Says:

    Sorry folks!

    I just finished searching everywhere I can think of, and the floor plan file is nowhere to be found. This is very upsetting to me, as I usually back up all my files. I cannot understand how this file got lost, but I have to admit it is just not there anymore. For the present, the project is dead and I do not know if I will be able to try again or not.


  14. John D'Angelo Says:


    Gull Cottage floor plan drafts found!

    Today I was able to find copies of the original rough drafts of the floor plans I made, first floor and second floor. They have all the room dimensions and I scanned them into JPG files. I can upload them as attachments, but need the email addresses of anyone who wants them.


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  16. John D'Angelo Says:

    Christine has nicely posted my floor plans in “Movie Houses” and she has listed the link at the top of this page.

    Thanks Christine!

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